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GoldenRod GunSaver Dehumidifier 18"
GoldenRod GunSaver Dehumidifier 18"
 $49.00  $40.00 
Liberty Presidential 40 Gun Safes Gloss
Liberty Presidential 40 Gun Safes Gloss
 $6,099.00  $5,299.00 
Liberty Lincoln 35 Gun Safes Textured
Liberty Lincoln 35 Gun Safes Textured
 $3,189.00  $2,649.00 

Superior Supreme 35 Gun Safes Gloss
 $3,999.00  $3,699.00 
Eva-Dry E333 Dehumidifier
Eva-Dry E333 Dehumidifier
 $25.00  $20.00 
Liberty Lincoln 25 Gun Safes Textured
Liberty Lincoln 25 Gun Safes Textured
 $2,599.00  $2,199.00 
Liberty Home Safe 12 Home Office Safes
Liberty Home Safe 12 Home Office Safes
 $889.00  $849.00 
Eva-Dry E500 Dehumidifier
Eva-Dry E500 Dehumidifier
 $35.00  $30.00 
Liberty Fatboy 64 Gun Safes marble
Liberty Fatboy 64 Gun Safes marble
 $2,779.00  $2,349.00 
Liberty Lincoln 35 Gun Safes Gloss
Liberty Lincoln 35 Gun Safes Gloss
 $3,719.00  $3,199.00 
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West Coast Liberty Safes in Southern California provides our customers the best products the safe industry offers. Liberty Gun Safes are the industries number one selling brand of gun safes. Liberty also offers safes for the residential user that is not looking for a Liberty gun safe. National Security Safes are arguably the finest line of gun safes built today. American Security Safes and gun safes have been an industry leader in gun safes, fire safes, burglary safes, TL-15 safes, TL-30 safes and vault doors for home and business applications. American Security Products offers all levels of U.L. fire and burglary safe certifications. By dealing only with the best manufacturers like Liberty, National Security ,American Security, Champion Safe, Superior Gun Safes and Graffunder Safes and because of our high volume, we can offer our customers the best value in the business. Since a safe or gun safe tends to be a one-time purchase for most people, it is important to buy right and this means purchasing the best value for your dollar. The safe business is like any other; you get what you pay for. At West Coast Liberty Safes the quality of our products speak for themselves. Come visit our showroom and see the difference. You'll get the chance to see 100-125 safes and gun safes on display everyday.  We feature gun safes by Liberty Safes, National Security Safes, Amsec, Champion, Superior and Graffunder in all sizes and colors available. Check the features and the price and you'll be convinced that your best value in a safe or gun safe today is at West Coast Liberty.

When you make a purchase from West Coast Liberty in Southern California, we will make arrangements for shipping or you can pick-up at our showroom. If you opt to have us deliver, our trained professionals do it all, and of course, our trucks are unmarked so your delivery will be completely discreet.

Trust West Coast Liberty Safes, Southern California's best in safes and customer service since 1990.

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